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Robert Wilson's Carousel Clover ponies

One may forever search for a four leaf clover. In a lifetime there are sacred mysteries that may bring such richness to one's self and to humanity. That richness can transform your life. One such mystery unfolded for Artist Robert Wilson. When on a hill in the Valley of the Angels, his vision opened with such clarity that the four leaf clovers appeared to stand taller awaiting his touch. That day was a miracle; but it was only the beginning for Robert. Daily he walked through his coveted plains gathering his precious miracles. From this mystery came a living art in the form of Carousel Ponies. The paintings are a collective mystery to all who behold this captured and sustaining life force. This life force can be shared in a healing, nurturing way in the creative beauty as presented by the Artist. Robert is a visionary of the arts, and his artistic abilities span all avenues in the world of creativity.

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A Little Dog's Christmas Tale

An Invitation to Santa Land is book two in the series of stories introducing readers to the magical world of Santa and his generous, loving spirit. Meet Santa's friends Mocha, Sadie, Splotch, Goldie, Thor, Cindy, and Bogie as they join Santa on his dash through the sparkling universe.

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An Invitation to Santa Land

Christmas is the time for friends to visit friends, so Santa is inviting you and his special friends Mocha, Sadie, Splotch, Goldie, Thor, Cindy, and Bogie to visit him in Santa Land. Meet the elves who make the toys, the little reindeer Sparky, with the golden hooves, and the gift wrapping, talented Elmer Elf. Imagine discovering all the secrets and surprises of Santa Land. An Invitation to Santa Land is a book to be enjoyed by anyone wishing they could share the magic of Christmas Eve with Santa and all his friends.

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We Believe in Santa Too!

Here's a Sample... In Santa Land there is no real day or night. The sun, hovering just behind the giant mountain of ice, might make one think there is a river of gold sliding down onto the tiny village. The moon, not wanting to be outdone, sends its rays of silver light dancing along the shimmering snow. It is a glorious sight, the magic of Santa Land, hidden in the never land of snow and ice.

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Out of This World Santa

Here's a sample... The sun peeked over the hill of ice, casting a warm glow on Santa Land. It was January, and the preparations for the next Christmas deliveries were already beginning. Boxes had to be counted, ribbons re-wound on spools, sweaters knitted, and deliveries planned. Santa and the elves always took off the first week of the year to clean up the work areas, collecting scraps and left over parts of toys, putting them away, and making room for the next year's production.

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